Mankato Motorsports Park

We have prepared an overview of a Road Course/Driver Training Facility project next to the Mankato Municipal Airport. We have had the privilege of working with Lime Township, the City of Mankato, Bolton & Menk, Inc. and Andrew Larson of the Family Estate of Virginia Anderson LLC.

We are providing a technical memorandum outlining our comprehensive evaluation of the proposed project area. The memorandum reports the finding from several initiatives the project partners have pursued to give you an in-depth, fact-based overview of the impacts of this potential development. In our operational plan, we have identified the economic benefits to our area including the environmental impact and preservation efforts to the landscape.

We are proposing an automotive road course and driver training facility that is being developed as the Mankato Motorsports Park (MMP). The park is open to the public for driver’s training classes, teen driving school, and performance driving licensing. The park will be open from 9:00 am to 5:00pm.

MMP will include a Certified EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Course) training facility for Law Enforcement (police, ambulance, and firefighters) and this facility can be used by municipalities for regional EVOC training for the State of Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board requirements.

We have successfully contracted with an established Performance Driving School that has been in business for 28 years. This well-established school is where local and state law enforcement perform post-board training requirements and driver’s training. The Mankato Motorsports Park (MMP) will seek a sponsor for the park once all due diligence items have been completed.

The location for this facility was carefully identified as a potential site because it has access to utilities, it is topographically diverse for sound management, and has access to existing infrastructure for traffic management. The FAA will not require a 7460 filing for this project.

Due to our concern over the element of noise that can be generated during a training or road course event, Bolton & Menk has contracted with dedicated sound experts to conduct a detailed formal sound study. This study will evaluate potential noise and identify all noise receptors located around the proposed site. This study will use specialized vehicle noise information and base data provided from testing at another facility like MMP. This report will provide noise modeling and address future conditions including recommendations.

MMP will also offer auto condos to the public for sale to be used for storing their vehicles and will include memberships to utilize the road course when it is not being used for events or training purposes. Automotive clubs, car manufacturers, and auto enthusiasts will be able to rent the track for events and road course activities. We anticipate that the training events will have an average of 50 participants and an average of up to 75 to 125 participants for any private or corporate event, including staff and instructors. For rare special events, park capacity will not exceed 1000 people.

Mark Konz and Paul Vogel are very proactive in providing us with a detailed list of directives to evaluate the scope of the EAW. Bolton & Menk, Inc. has been engaged from the beginning of this development process to spearhead these efforts and to address all of the required engineering, specifications, surveys, environmental reports, traffic studies, sound studies, FAA regulations, pipeline easements, and design oversight. We have had multiple meetings and discussions with city planners, and law enforcement agencies to get continued feedback as this program comes together.

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Site Renderings

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